Is People Pleasing Diluting Who You Are And What You’re Capable Of?

“Hello, my name is Eric and I’m a people pleaser.”

By far the most popular post I’ve ever written on this blog and the one that seems to deeply connect with the most people is:

Is People Pleasing Keeping You From Pleasing The Right People?

In this post I lay out some of the key signs of being a people pleaser and then offer some tips to help overcome this terrible and self destructive personality trait.

What I found interesting, though, was just how many people could clearly associate with being a people pleaser.  If you read through some of the comments you’ll see that many had no problem laying out their life story knowing that they were among fellow pleasing addicts.  And those who really got the message had a tone of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders. [Read more…]

How to Create The Most Value in Your Life Possible

Please Note: The Following is a guest post by Bamboo Forest of Pun Intended.

How often do we make choices that are valueless?

Truth is we do it all the time, mostly because we’re not aware we’re compromising our life.

No sane person throws money away. But many of us throw time away. Are you using the currency of your life, time, to generate the greatest value possible? [Read more…]

Video Interview With Darren Rowse: Continuing The Conversation About Making A Living Online

In this video interview with Darren Rowse of, we continue this series of conversations about how to making a living online.  This video interview follows two previous interviews.  One with Leo Babauta and one with John Chow.

Darren has been blogging professionally for a very long time and has a wealth of valuable information on the subject of actually making a full time income on the Internet.  He was very helpful to me in the early stages of my online development and anyone who knows him would agree when I say that he is one of the nicest guys in the Cloud.  So I hope you enjoy our conversation and are able to take away some useful tidbits regarding online income and the value and freedom it provides.

Also, be sure to check out his awesome Twitter blog (, Digital Photography site ( and follow him on Twitter (if you’re not already).

Video Interview With John Chow: More About Making A Living Online

In this video interview with John Chow of we continue the conversation from the previous video interview with Leo Babauta about making a full time income online.

John has been making a living online for many years and has a wealth of information to share to those who are interested in either taking the leap into the cloud or just refining their current ventures to get the most out of their hard work.  So be sure to check out our conversation and learn more about how both John and I bring home the bacon online. :-)

Video Interview With Leo Babauta of Zenhabits: Making A Living Online

In this video interview with Leo Babauta of we talk about making a full time income online.  Both Leo and I have been supporting our families with our online incomes for some time now and we hope this discussion is useful to some who are working hard to do the same.

Also, if you’re a fan of zenhabits and you like the super minimalist design of Leo’s blog, you need to check out the free zenhabits Skin (this skin requires the Frugal Theme) over at the Frugal Theme Skin Store!

2010: A New Economy, A New Marketplace And A Need For A Presence Online

I think we can all agree that 2009 pretty much SUCKED in terms of economic development.  We were expecting it, no doubt, as the end of 2008 brought us a world wide financial crash of sorts and the wind was effectively sucked out of our sails, yet I think the reality of these tight times still really blind sided us as this past year drudged on.  It wasn’t this way for all of us as businesses that profited off of things like repossessing property, flourished, but I believe we all felt it in one way or another.

I remember, early in ’09, listening to all the financial forecasters prophesying potential disaster for many years to come.  A kind of dollar dooms day set the tone for continued Wall Street woes.  But it seemed that the agreed upon perspective was that 2009 would deal us the worst hand and by 2010 we should start seeing a lining of silver streak across those gray clouds above.  So we’ll have to wait and see what 2010 provides in terms of consumer confidence, but regardless of the degree of upswing we must first understand these irreversible adjustments that have already taken place. [Read more…]

Blazing Your Own Trail Starts With Being Yourself

One thing I always notice when reading the words of successful individuals is that they think for themselves.  You can just tell they do things the way THEY think is best, not what they think OTHERS would do or wish them to do.  They are trailblazers because they are first to push away a new path and it is this self-confidence and willingness to think independent of the herd that earns them their respect and often times their success.

We all have our own unique personalities; our own likes, dislikes and general preferences.  Unfortunately many of us end up compromising these preferences for what we believe is a necessary evil.  Yet all too often we find someone else doing what we wanted to do, but didn’t for fear of a failing result.  Our success was stolen by our own twisted idea that our uniqueness was a liability, not an asset. [Read more…]

A Key To Sparking New Ideas And Thinking Outside The Box

I just got back from an awesome trip to Las Vegas for Blog World New Media Expo 2009.  I learned a lot and enjoyed connecting with many of my online buddies that I had never met in person (eg. Sean Platt, Maya, Michael Martine, and a few others who I hadn’t connected with until this trip like Charlie Gilkey, Naomi and Jamie Dunford, and Chris Brogan).  There were certainly more awesome bloggers and online entrepreneurs that I connected with, beyond the few mentioned above. [Read more…]

Is Our Physical Location In The World Beneficial Or Detrimental To Our Personal Growth?

locationThis has been a recurring question for Liz and I over the past few years.  Both being native to our current location, we wonder what our lives would be like were we to pack up and move to the unfamiliar.  Would we find a new adventure just waiting for us to tackle or would we crumble under the weight of home sickness?

First, a flashback…

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about the big blue sky.  From watching the birds soar up a large, rising thermal, to flying my radio control gliders up that very same thermal.  From biking up to the top of a mountain and feeling even closer to the clouds, to barreling down that very same mountain, pretending I was flying as I descended.

And not just the sky, but every natural thing under it.  From the mountains to the water to the trees and the trails that lead to more beauty, I enjoy God’s wonderful creation as much as I think humanly possible.  And with this passion comes the desire to enjoy it year round.  And this is one of the downfalls of our current location. [Read more…]

The Secret To Spending Less And Having More

familyI was walking the dogs this evening, thinking about my wife, Liz, and my son, Tyson, both of whom are visiting my mother-in-law for the weekend.  As I walked I was picturing Tyson, who is just a hair over 4 months of age, wearing his blue pajamas, hat and slippers.  This was the outfit I saw him in this morning, just before heading to the office.  He looked so cute, baby pimples and all.  He gave me a big smile and made both Liz and I smile with a joy that never seems to lose its luster, no matter how many times he cracks the same silly grin.

So I’m walking my dogs, picturing my cute little son, my beautiful wife and the tangible happiness that they bring to my life.  I guess you could say that I had found a moment of true appreciation for what I’d been blessed with.  Yet the funny thing is that in those moments (and I’m sure you can relate to this) I had not a single thought of a purchased item.  Not my Macbook Pro or iPhone, not my car or house or my TV or bike or…you get the point.  OK, maybe I thought about my Macbook, but only for a second and then it was back to my wife and son. :-D [Read more…]