A Simple Valentine

I thought about what to write for my Valentine’s Day post.  Should it be a passionate poem to my wife or maybe some POWERFUL journal entry that tells of my wonderful marriage and the little one on the way?  But I really don’t have that in me right now.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a depressed post or anything.  It’s just that Liz and I are keeping it super simple this year and our day will be filled with work on the nursery and maybe a Netflix flick by days end.  There’s not much to write about, and my energy is focused on practical things right now.  My passion isn’t boiling over, but instead it’s simmering on the back burner.

I love my wife very much.  We’re best friends, there’s no doubt about that.  I have no more fun with a soul alive than I do with Liz.  We laugh A LOT and sometimes cry as well.  Our little dogs make us equally crazy and equally joyful.  We share many of the same passions and the ones we don’t, we appreciate for the sake of the other.

Liz is the most beautiful person I know.  There’s a certain innocence about her that can’t be matched.  There’s a child inside her that has yet to taste the sour of our society.  An untarnished soul that is pure and lite.

Yet she HAS felt pain, and much of it.  Brokenness has entered her life a few too many times and she’s created her OWN pain in the past.  But we’ve shared in this unsettled history and come through it stronger and closer than ever.  We’ve felt each others pain and created some of our own.  Our imperfect affection reminds us of the reality that is our relationship.  We accept the other for who they are and yet never stop pushing ever closer to perfection.

I simply love my wife and she simply loves me.  We equally complete this one body and have never questioned our place as partner to the other.  So on this Valentine’s Day I will simply smile as I work toward baby accommodations, side by side, with my beautiful wife.  No magic, no rhymes, no amplified emotions.  Just love, that is equally embraced and a fire that can only burn with these two entangled elements of humanity.

Happy Valentines! I hope your day is wonderful and your time spent with someone special.



  1. Eric Hamm says

    @Nicholas: Thanks! I’m glad to have inspired you. :-)

    @Randi: Sorry about that. I guess Sean’s rubbing off on me a bit.

    @Mike: Thanks, Mike, and happy 36th! :-)

    @tucsoncarinsuranceguy: Thanks! I’ll do my best. Eric

  2. Janice says

    Beautiful photo of you both! (Liz is really bonnie!) As always, thanks for sharing this precious part of your life with us.

    My tweenage/teenage kids cooked a Valentine’s Day dinner for my husband and me, complete with a rose scented candle. Best Valentine’s Day ever – made the whole of life make sense.

  3. says

    Hi Eric,

    This is my first time to visit your site and I found it very interesting. I am really amazed on how you showed to the world how you really love your wife. When reading your post I can really feel that love is in the air. For me no matter how simple you celebrate Valentine’s Day what important is you are together.

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