Sometimes you fail in life because you consider yourself to be less fortunate than others and to be the only person with problems. Once you do your research, you will realise that other people have bigger problems than you have. If you need to be successful, then you also have to look up to other people for motivation. Look at those who are less fortunate and to those who are better than you. Look at other people’s strength and weaknesses and try to compare with your own. Motivation from other people will help you in the following ways

Make you know that being born unsuccessful is not your mistake

We do not have any control on how we are born; rich, poor, disabled and so on. No matter how you are born, you can defy all odds and leave the world a better person. Looking for motivation from other people will help you understand the world better and how to make a difference. Getting motivation from people who went from nothing to one of the greatest people the world has ever seen will help you to achieve your goals.


No situation is permanent

Getting motivation from other people will make you understand that there is no permanent situation. There are many people that were born rich but ended up misusing resources and left the world worse than they found it. These people will motivate you to know that the future depends on the present, and the present depends on you.

To motivate others

Getting motivation from other people will motivate you to return the favour and motivate others. This can lead to an all rounded generation where everyone enjoys their lives.

Understanding your weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. Knowing your weakness is agood fortune but knowing your weakness and turning it into strength is deserved success. Most people try to hide their weaknesses. The more you hide your weakness, the more it will reveal itself to others. The best way is to turn your weakness into astrength. Motivation from others can make you do so. There are many people who used their weaknesses to their advantage. Such people can motivate you.


Knowing other people’s potential

Motivation from other people can help you understand what other people are capable of. It is an advantage to know what other people can do. This can help you choose allies and know how to deal with your rivals. Everyone has got rivals. Under-estimating rivals is a great weakness that has led to the fall of many people. Be motivated by other people so that you do not fall prey to it.

Utilization of resources

Motivation from other people can help you know how to use the resources you have for the better. The resources you have are enough to get started. All you need is motivation from people who started with very little resources to be successful. Most self-made rich men started with little resources but managed it well.

Motivation! This word is mostly all you need for going across something. No matter how big your task is or how difficult it is, if you have the right motivation for it then you accomplish it even with the presence of a lot of hurdles.

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