Role models are people that we think are better than us and have achieved a great deal in their lives. We look up to this people for motivation to achieve our goals. We need to take great care of who we choose as our role models and why we choose them as role models. Sometimes we choose role models to motivate us and end up less motivated. There are some key factors to consider in choosing the right role models that will set us on the right path. Below are the main things you need to note, and you will be on the right track towards following your dreams.

Learn from high performance but not exceptional performance


Do not choose people with extra-ordinary outcomes as your role models. You will end up in disappointment and finally give up to your dreams. Do not choose role models who are believed to do the extra-ordinary and whose achievements were exceptional. For instance, if you choose your role model to be King David, you will end up to disappointments because his achievements have never been accomplishedby anyone else. Instead, choose role models whose success can be achieved by anyone following in their footsteps.

This does not mean that we should give up on such people as role models, no, you can still get motivation from these people by analysing their success and failures and trying to merge what they did not do and what they did that is doable to achieve what they achieved and even more.

Know your goals

Knowing your goals in life is very important in choosing the right role models. Once you know your goals, you can now look towards finding role models in the same field. For example, Alexander the great is known to be a great conquers and many people consider him as a hero and even a legend, but when you want to be a successful scientist, you will have to choose Isaac Newton over Alexander the great because Isaac Newton is in the field that you are interested in.

Consider someone with established purpose towards their course

Some people seem to be very successful but lack a defined purpose in life. When you are choosing a role model, make sure you choose those with a defined purpose in life so that you can systematically emulate them and be motivated by them.

Choosing between failure and success

Choose someone who makes you find yourself

The best role model is the one that motivates you towards understanding who you are. Once you understand who you are, you can now focus on understanding what you can do. This is a very important aspect you need to know if you wish to be successful. By understanding this, you can now appreciate yourself and do great things

Learn about failures and success

Most people only look towards success when choosing role models; the best lessons are learnt from failures and not asuccess. Try to understand both failures and success of your role models.

Motivation! This word is mostly all you need for going across something. No matter how big your task is or how difficult it is, if you have the right motivation for it then you accomplish it even with the presence of a lot of hurdles.

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