The Importance of Remaining Flexible In Your Daily Pursuits

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The more we hone our productivity skills the more rigid we often become.  We determine which routines work the best and allow maximum results with minimum effort.  Yet we are always going to be faced with unforeseen circumstances that keep us from sticking to our daily plan for success and this is when we need to regroup and make the most of what we have to work with.

As a little bump in the road, I had to stay home for the morning to take care of Tyson while Liz got back some of the sleep she was unable to receive after an unusually active night.  At first I was a little thrown off, but I quickly saw the silver lining as I was able to spend this time with one of my most favoritest dudes.

So I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to remind myself as well as the Motivate Thyself readers that there’s always lemonade to be made with the often abundant lemons that life deals us.  Don’t let these unforeseen circumstances throw you off or keep you from reaching your goals.  Just accept the situation, make the proper adjustments and appreciate what you’ve been given to work with.  Then, at the end of the day, you can look back and see the strides you made in spite of, as well as because of, these unique events.

Eric Hamm


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    Hi Eric.

    I like what you brought up here. That rigidity starts to lead to weakness if it is fully absorbed. It is worth losing productivity to not build up too tight of a connection with a certain routine or activity. The rigid person is more likely to break like a ceramic plate than a person who doesn’t get stuck in habits, who would be more like a plastic plate. I recently learned that the word “plastic” means “capable of being molded or modeled”, so your point about staying more on the plastic end of attitude is solid.

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    Well it’s about time you showed off the little guy! Awwww, what a cutie!

    Good reminder about being flexible and going with the flow. So true. Enjoy your time with your son. He looks like a winner!

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    I recently bloged about same idea in post: “Essential of good planning”. My Idea is this instead of making plan make promise to yourself. If you can’t keep promise offer yourself something equally valuable, you will always have some creative idea what it is.

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    So important! When we sacrifice flexibility we lose sight of the present moment, which often demands adaptability. Enjoying the present moment, even if it’s different than what we had planned is key to being happy while productive. And children are a constant reminder of this!

    Great blog by the way, long time reader, first time commenter.


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      Hey Miche, thanks! You’re totally right. Living in the present is key and having kids helps us in this area like nothing else.

      Glad you stopped by and share your thoughts with us. :-) Eric

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      Hey Michael, I’m glad you’re enjoying Motivate Thyself. And your other comment was just waiting for my approval so now it should show up.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. :-) Eric

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