Video Interview With Leo Babauta of Zenhabits: Making A Living Online

In this video interview with Leo Babauta of we talk about making a full time income online.  Both Leo and I have been supporting our families with our online incomes for some time now and we hope this discussion is useful to some who are working hard to do the same.

Also, if you’re a fan of zenhabits and you like the super minimalist design of Leo’s blog, you need to check out the free zenhabits Skin (this skin requires the Frugal Theme) over at the Frugal Theme Skin Store!


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    I love this video! It’s great to see Leo talking. Keep up the wonderful work. I think he represensentates an ideal for a better world. We should all learn from him!

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    Love the candidness of this interview. There’s the part where Leo mentioned about going for a run like now and he could—I did just that like yesterday when it’s a weekday and had planned out a walk from one end of Singapore to the other from morning (completed about 1/3 of it before getting a call for another meetup elsewhere). :)

    Still watching the vid (now 15mins into it). Enjoying this post.


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    Great interview. Leo continues to be one of my biggest inspirations in the blogging world.

    Eric, I loved your comment about just making a living online and that you are not living it up like a rap star. It was very honest in a world where many gurus promise ‘millions online’. I am the same. My goal is to make my current day-job income from online activities but have total freedom of time, location and doing what I love day in day out.

    Keep up the good work.

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    thanks for the personal and authentic interview ya’ll. Like Huey said, I really liked the comment about the Rolex and making a living. Yeah, it’s work. But it’s the good work, the only work that matters. really inspiring!

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    Great interview! I am always telling people that blogging is a great way to share and hopefully earn a living with their passion. This interview really helps sell that idea. That’s why I am going to forward on to my lists.

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    thanks for this video.i had to quit my job last nov. i am working on having multiple streams of income.i didn’t learn somehow after 9/11 that one income doesn’t work.
    good luck

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    Thanks for the inspiring video! Great stuff. :) I recently left my day job and started my own tiny business. It’s always fun to learn new tips and tricks.

    Awesome blog by the way. :) I’m going to add it to my reader.

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    Great video, I’m inspired on how to make selling online a reality without selling your soul, especially as a painter. Between your Frugal theme and Leo’s Zen theme, my website never looked better too, thanks!

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      Hey Josh, I’m happy to know you’re enjoying Frugal and enjoyed/was inspired by the video. It’s also inspiring for me to see others succeed at something they’re truly passionate about. Eric

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    Thanks for making the video. Even though I’m a total Leo fan and thought I knew everything there was to know about him, his writing and business I learned something new… about the club that’s formed as a follow up to the boot list blogging camp.

    It’s brilliant that you co-wrote a book with Leo and great to have discovered you thanks to the video.

    The uncopyright thing is interesting. It’s a shame we don’t know how much more or less successful Leo would have been without it. The thought of people selling your ebook on Amazon seems so unfair but I love Leo’s attitude about it.

    Ah, it feels good to be part of the blogging community when there are some good guys like you two in it too!

    Subscribing now then I’m off to do what I really care about and trust the success will follow:)

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      I’m so happy to hear that we were able to bring something new to the discussion. :-)

      Yeah, the uncopyright thing is interesting, no doubt. Leo’s mindset about the whole thing really has inspired me to be a bit less controlling over my own work as well. I think there’s a line that we can cross when trying to protect our ‘property’ that brings us more stress than reward.


  10. Rick Lewis says

    Eric, great interview, I really enjoy reading Leo’s website, have been doing so since late 2007. Hopefully one day I will be able to work without having to have a dead-end 9-5 job like you guys. You two have my praise and respect.

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    Thanks for the great interview. I am a lawyer turned professional organizer who is loving the life of telling my clients to live with less. I thought of an e-book to write and contacted my graphic designer and she is in on it too. Going to give her the draft today. So excited that you got my creative juices going. You are so right, multiple Streams of income is the key! And the uncopyright is great as well, I am going to be changing my blog to include that!

    I just did a review of a free e-book Minimalist Health at I too believe that there is no competition and that we all can have a big piece of the pie, and who is to say how big the pie is?

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    I’m quite a bit late watching this video, but yes, it’s great to see Leo talking about what he’s passionate about and his success. First time to see the video. Thank you for doing this. :)

    • Eric Hamm says

      That’s a good question. It’s been quite a while as I’m always busy with my WP Theme biz and my family. So probably no time soon, but we’ll see what the future holds. :)



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